Sunday, April 5, 2009

Learning is my drug...

...but what really gives me a high is spreading the knowledge I acquire during my adventures in the world of software development. My favorite areas of exploration include abstract and "underexplained" things, but anything goes as long as I learn something from it.

The subtitle of the blog - "When one teaches, two learns" - is a quote I once heard and really like. As I interpret it, it means that just by trying to explain something to someone else, you, the teacher, will learn even more. This is something most people have experienced since explaining something and answering questions about it often exposes your own "weak spots" - perhaps you didn't understand it as good as you thought? Well, it's a nice quote, so let's not over analyze it. By the way, according to a Google search it seems as if it was Robert Heinlein who first said it.

Coming from a low level background of mainly C and assembler programming on everything from Commodore Amigas to proprietary embedded systems running real-time operating sytems, I will try give this blog a somewhat different perspective compared to the thousands of other Java and iPhone resources and tutorials available.

To summarise, in this blog, I will try to write down things I learn. At the moment I mostly work with Java SE and Apple iPhone development so I guess most of the posts will be related to those two.

A final note. Since I often write down things as I learn them, I will make no claim that the texts I write are 100% correct. Instead they will reflect my current knowledge of the subject and I will probably update an entry as I learn more. Therefore, comments and corrections are highly appreciated!

PS. As you see, there is one post with an older date than this one. I imported that from one of my other blogs, which now no longer exists...

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