Tuesday, August 31, 2010

RussPack LITE for iPhone

RussPack LITE is now available for all of you who want to try the game for free before you buy the full version :) To find out more about RussPack, please visit the web site.

I decided to add iAds to this edition which was surprisingly easy. Since this subject is covered quite well in many other blog posts, I decided not to write a post about here in my blog.

I used information from Ray Wenderlich's post and the high quality feedback he got through comments from his readers to enable iAds in RussPack LITE. I chose a much simpler path than he did though, since I just added a ADBannerView "on top" of some of my menu screens and the get ready screen which pops up before each level.

I decided not to put iAds on the actual game screen for two reasons; a) it would have required a redesign of the layout, which would have been very hard since I already had used up all screen estate and b) it would have been quite annoying for the player :)

I should also mention that I updated both RussPack and RussPack LITE to version 1.1 because of an embarassing bug I found and becase the game was listed in AppStore as requiring iOS 4.0+ even though I had not used any 4.0 specific features. It turned out this was my own fault since you have to be careful to set the "deployment target" correctly before submitting the game to AppStore. This is in fact also covered in Ray's post that I mentioned above so go pay him a visit right away to avoid making the same mistake I did.

Go ahead and download the free version of the game now - I'll promise you that it's worth a test drive :)

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